Industry Super Funds not so super!

Are you aware of how much the industry super funds life insurance premiums have skyrocketed over the last few years?

Australian Super
From June 29 2013

  • Life & TPD increased by approx. 38%
  • Income Protection increased by 25%


Host Plus
From December 2013

  • TPD Premiums increased by up to 80%


REST Industry Super
From July 1 2013

  • Life up 45%
  • TPD up 30%


CBus Super
From July 1 2014

  • TPD increases up to 200%
  • Life increases of 15-20%


From July 1 2014

  • Life & TPD increases of up to 100%
  • Income Protection waiting periods changed from 60 to 90 days.


What’s the Solution?

Are you aware you can maintain your industry super fund but now pay the premium for an external Life insurance policy via a partial rollover?

By utilizing this strategy you will get a 15% upfront Tax Rebate Benefit (discount).

If you are concerned about your current industry super fund life insurance or would just like to receive more information on this please contact us now.

Matthew West
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The statistics has been obtained from a presentation and research by  BT Financial Group Limited (ABN 63 002 916 458) ‘BT’. It is for general information only. Every effort has been made to ensure that it is accurate, however it is not intended to be a complete description of the matters described.  Furthermore, it is not intended that it be relied on by recipients for the purpose of making investment decisions and is not a replacement of the requirement for individual research or professional tax advice. 

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Where do you invest your superannuation?

Great recent article from Money Management (please click on the below link) for our preferred passive diversified investment manager Vanguard Investments. It nice to know your superannuation monies is invested with one of the largest and most highly respected global investment managers.

Vanguard gives US parent a run for its money

Again if you don’t have one of Vanguards leading investment funds in your investment or superannuation portfolio and would like to discuss their appropriateness please contact us for a review.

How’s your super going? Professional Planner/Zenith Investment Partners 2015 Fund Awards

Our preferred Equities Managers are winners at the recent Professional Planner/Zenith Investment Partners 2015 Fund Awards

International Equities Manager Magellan Asset Management won Fund Manager of the year for 2015.

Also winning awards was our preferred Australian Equities manager Bennelong Funds Management who won the Australian Equities Large Cap Manager of the year.

And finally our preferred small cap Australian equities manager NovaPort Capital won the Australian Equities Small Cap Manager of the year.

If you don’t have these funds in your investment or superannuation portfolio and would like to discuss their appropriateness please contact us for a review.

More stats – TAL

TAL statistics
Did you know that one of our preferred partners, TAL, paid out more claims than ever before in 2014 – almost $1 billion. Despite this, we know that clients continue to have doubts about life insurance. We often hear ‘I don’t need life insurance’, ‘It won’t happen to me’ and ‘I don’t believe that insurers pay claims’.
TAL has collated real claims data to prove that, sadly, it does happen and, in fact, insurers do pay.